Implas - Soluções Tecnológicas em Plásticos Moldados

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Product Engineering

IMPLAS through its engineering sector is totally qualified and equipped to make your concept or idea a reality and/or fulfill your needs. A specialized technical team evaluates your necessity, identify the best options and characteristic of its manufacturing using the latest software generation. Starting from the technology identification and the adequate material for its production to the mold project all is done under a very strict quality control. Together with the client they define the project technical configuration: material, productive cycle and all the other variables involved.


A ready mold receives granulated plastic through injection under pressure and heat. Right after, the piece is cooled and within seconds is in the correct shape to perfume, with total accuracy, the function for which it was planned.


In this step, if necessary final adjusts to the piece are made. All the small details which make the piece works such as screws, metal sheets, junctions, etc., are placed through electronic and mechanical processes.

Our attitude and actions are aimed at searching for excellence in technological solutions in molded polymer in the form of goods and services. We are continuously improving our quality system as our organizational objectives, satisfaction of our clients’ necessities and social responsibilities.

The IMPLAS Quality System (SQI) enables the careful monitoring of all activities involved in the productive and administrative processes. Following parameters established by the ISO 9001 – 2008, the products are inspected in all stages of its manufacturing, with a strict scheduled verification. To finalize, tests are performed, ready products are analyzed and information registered, thus ensuring the IMPLAS quality standard.