Implas - Soluções Tecnológicas em Plásticos Moldados

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IMPLAS, “Industria Mineira de Plásticos LTDA.”, founded in August of 1955, is one of the most traditional plastic companies in Brazil, having been the first plastic industry in Minas Gerais state.

In 1957, IMPLAS started to diversify its products by acquiring injection machines, thus starting to produce packaging and home utilities. In 1962, the technology of producing in polyamide (Nylon) was developed and by this time IMPLAS began supplying components to IMBEL, the ammunition factory of the Brazilian Army. In the year of 1968 new products by the blowing production process were added to the then existing line of flasks.

The beginning of the seventies an expansion of IMPLAS’s facilities and a wider range of products and market took place. As a consequence IMPLAS, in1974, was the first and only company to be given fully accredited by TELEBRÀS, the state telecommunication company, to be their supplier of plastic components of the standard phone. The entrance into the telecommunication area demanded IMPLAS to search always more the processes and products technologic development as a basic requirement to better supply the new area of the market.

During this last decade, the development of plastic protectors for the tube ends started, thus answering the need of the seamless steel tubes producers. In 1995, IMPLAS started the implementation of the ISO 9002 certification in order to reach new markets and to supply the car industry. Today, the company holds the ISO 9001 certification.